Hi Jonathan,

I'm thinking that if we want to write software before we are producing any boards, that a few more devices to attach to the Launchpad processor eval board would be good.

We have the AX5043 boards that you designed which (at this point) I am assuming can be connected (Chris is currently attempting that).  But what we don't have is an MRAM except for the one board that Zach designed and RIch has used (Chris has that now, and it works).  

We can get an MRAM on a DIP board for use in a solderless breadboard from Proto Advantage.  This would require jumpers from the LaunchPad to the solderless breadboard and to the AX5043 board. Here is an example:  


 Another possibility is to design a pretty simple little board that would plug onto a Launchpad and would have both an MRAM and either a soldered-on 5043 or a place pins/sockets for a Jonathan-5043-board.

What do you think?

Hope you had a good trip to the cape!


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software