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Response From ON Semiconductor Service Request #242527
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Hello Rich Gopstein,

Thank you for contacting ON Semiconductor.

There is option for PSK mode only,  configuration can be created with AX-RadioLab. You need to enter '1962' in the TX Periodic field on the main screen, and press enter. PSK mode, along with other more advanced options will be available in the PHY screen. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Regards, Martin
ON Semiconductor
Technical Support Center

Subject: BPSK on ax5043

Description of customer request:

I am working on software to drive an AX5043 which needs to transmit and receive BPSK. It doesn't look like AX-RadioLAB has BPSK as an option and I can't find any application notes about using BPSK on the ax5043.

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