Hi Bill,

This all reminded me that I meant to ask about repositories at the meeting last night.  As I said in earlier emails, in order to most easily do the FreeRTOS port, I started with a separate repository called PacSatx (the x because the repository names are not case sensitive).  Since you wanted to keep docs and code in the same repository, I moved Chris' document to PacSatx and meant to talk about whether to just use PacSatx and delete pacsat or to rename it or whatever.  But now I see that Jonathan checked some stuff into pacsat and you have given everyone access to pacsat.

One thing that I can't easily do is to put the code into a sub-directory within pacsat.  That changes all the locations of header files and would require a lot of changes in the code.  So I created an AAAPacSatDocumention directory in the PacSatx repository and that is where I put Chris' document.

How do you want to handle this?  I feel like I kind of messed up your plans, although I'm not sure how I could have done it differently.  But I'm very willing to make the changes once we decide what to do.


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software

On Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 4:27 AM Bill <bill@brconnect.com> wrote:
All pacsat dev team members have write access to github /AMSAT-NA/pacsat.

Let me know if you have issues.


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