Last night I promised to provide the current pinout on the PC-104 used by the LTM.   I decided to put it in pacsat.git rather than just mailing it.  I then noticed that there was already a subdirectory called "reference" which had things like the RT-IHU data whose main home is actually elsewhere.  That seemed like a good plan, so I added an "LTM" directory, and put the entire LTM Generic ICD there. 

The LTM Generic ICD may be changed in the future, but the intention is that it is the ICD for groups using the LTM, but with some choices.  The plan is that there would be a "customer"-specific ICD as an appendix that showed which choices were made.  But in any case, page 9 shows the PC-104 pinout that I was asked for.

Note:  Jonathan says he prefers source documents to PDF.  My opinion is that if a document is going to be sent around to a number of people/places, it should be sent as PDF, largely because it is difficult to change the PDF.  This (to me) ensures much better version control if the document is in multiple places, so that is what I put in the pacsat document git (the source file is in the GOLF SVN).  I'm guessing Jonathan and I don't really much disagree but are maybe talking about somewhat different cases.  But I'd be happy to talk about it.


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software