The flash memory size could have been written as 1.25 megabytes, I suppose.  It was just taking the size and dividing by 1 meg and then the remainder by 1 k.

The MRAM line has not been updated since a) the file system was added and b) since Jim used those very small MRAMs for the test board.  The structure size is the size of the "status info" structure that is not part of the file system, and that is correct (in bytes).  The MRAM size is not correct--it assumed the smallest MRAM was 1M.

Use "get mram size" to get the actual size.  I'll fix that at some point.  Thanks for noticing!  I usually totally ignore the startup info :-)

Pacsat>get mram size
MRAM Address Size=2
Partition 0 size=292, partition 1=65244
MRAM0 size is 16KBytes, MRAM1 size is 16KBytes
MRAM2 size is 16KBytes, MRAM3 size is 16KBytes

Notice that "Partition 0 size=292" is decimal for 0x124, the number shown above.


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software

On Sat, Jun 10, 2023 at 11:06 AM Bill Reed via pacsat-dev <> wrote:
My sign in returns:

AMSAT-NA PacSat Console
Flight Software X0.1a (built on Jun 10 2023 at 08:43:48)
Compiled *RELEASE*
**X, E, U, or DEBUG Version: Not configured for flight**
Watchdog NOT Enabled
Using FreeRTOS withOUT premption enabled;
Free heap size is 55944
Flash memory size 1Mb+256Kb; MRAM size is 0x124, structure size is 0x124

Free heap size after tasks launched: 19056
Starting RX with AX5043Device 0, vhf=1 9600bps=0, freq=145835000
Starting TX with AX5043Device 1, vhf=0 9600bps=0, freq=435760000

What does this line mean?
Flash memory size 1Mb+256Kb; MRAM size is 0x124, structure size is 0x124


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