I should have also pointed out that even though his professional background is "analog RF engineer", his desire as a volunteer with AMSAT is in the area of packet sats. We often allow people to exercise what I'll term "hobby skills" as a volunteer.

On 8/28/2023 9:17 AM, Bill Reed via pacsat-dev wrote:

Does anyone on the team think we need an analog RF engineer at this point.  Let me know if you think we do.  I don't want to dilute our team meetings with "observers"....

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 14:12:44 +0000
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His background is analog RF engineering, I believe.

On 8/28/2023 9:04 AM, Bill Reed wrote:

Any idea what his skill set is?

On 8/28/2023 8:36 AM, Jonathan Brandenburg wrote:


Dave Benzel (email address below) is expressing an interest in discussion packet sats... If you want (it's entirely up to you) would you like to contact him as a potential volunteer?

He attended one weekly engineering meeting and I take it he doesn't want to participate in structured meetings so I'm not sure how to engage him but I figure I'll let you know there's interest from him in packet sats.


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Hi Jonathan -

Thanks for note.  No, nothing specific.  At this point in my career, I am just looking for less structure... which doesn't really seem to fit in with your perfectly appropriate way of conducting projects.

Thanks for keeping me in mind - I would really enjoy making what ever contribution I can, that may help unload some of your other folks.  Seems like a great bunch, and can't wait to see us get more hardware in orbit.

I'd like to send you some ideas I had on packet sats - working with the really fun IO-117 sat gave me a few ideas on how to improve this general system.  Haahaaha - probably nothing you all haven't already thought of though !!

- dB KD6RF

Jonathan Brandenburg
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