On 11/28/22 17:41, Burns Fisher (AMSAT) wrote:
We have the AX5043 boards that you designed which (at this point) I am assuming can be connected (Chris is currently attempting that).

Yes, I have definitely jumpered the AX5043 board to a Launchpad in my past so I'm pretty comfortable with that.

We can get an MRAM on a DIP board for use in a solderless breadboard from Proto Advantage.  This would require jumpers from the LaunchPad to the solderless breadboard and to the AX5043 board. Here is an example: 

Similarly, while I haven't done this with an MRAM module, I have jumpered an FRAM module to a Launchpad-like device. In my case, I had multiple devices so was using a solderless breadboard. Given the relatively slow speeds of the communication channel between the devices the jumpers and solderless breadboard seemed reasonable.

As for applicability for Pacsat, I'm not entirely familiar with the tradeoffs so will necessarily defer to Bill and the rest of the team.


Jonathan Brandenburg
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation