The master branch will now work with 2 mrams as I said before.  It also can successfully talk to a serial line at 32k8 (and you really have to have that to do anything useful) as well as an AX5043.  I have managed to get the 5043 to see a carrier on 2m (the RSSI goes way up) but not to get it to decode anything or transmit anything.  I may try that more, but I'm not the 5043 expert by far!

After talking with Jim McCullers, I converted all the connections to use inner pins (Booster Pack connectors) rather than the outside pins.  Here are all the connections that the software is setup to use:

(J2/3 means header J2, pin 3.  Pins are counted from 1 on the USB connector end)

Power out (to MRAM and AX5043 board)
3.3V Output  J2/1
Gnd   J5/1

Console serial line:
Gnd-J3/2  (Or any other --there are lots)

SPI1 (to both MRAMs):
Note that the common term for the data lines is MISO and MOSI.  TI calls them SOMI and SIMO, the MRAMs just call them SO and SI.

MISO:  J9/7
MOSI:  J9/6
CLK:     J67
NCS0:   J9/3  (For MRAM 0)
NCS1:   J9/8  (For MRAM 1)

SPI3 (for AX5043--probably for all if we have more than 1)
MISO:  J5/7
MOSI:  J5/6
CLK:    J2/7
NCS1  J5/3 (Additional 5043s could use other NCS pins on SPI3.
IRQ goes to GIOB[0]  J8/8

(I hope I have all that right, but you can double check from the signal names against the Launchpad data sheet).  Attached is a picture of the whole thing in my shack.  (Ha ha--what a mess!)


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software