Well done Burns!

Have we decided what the best method will be to read and write a file to the MRAM?  To simplify things we could assume files do not change size after writing, except the telemetry where we can preallocate the required size.  For other files we must always receive the header first, which holds the file size.


On Sat, Dec 10, 2022, 17:50 Burns Fisher (AMSAT) <wb1fj@fisher.cc> wrote:
Below is the console output from the current software.  "test mram" writes the address into every 4-byte MRAM cell from 0 to 1MB and then reads it back to check.  Believe me, I've had plenty of cases where it does not match and it printed it out.  (It was essentially always my error!)

Pacsat>get mram size
Size of MRAM0 is 512KB
Size of MRAM1 is 512KB
Pacsat>test mram
0KB written
64KB written
128KB written
192KB written
256KB written
320KB written
384KB written
448KB written
512KB written
576KB written
640KB written
704KB written
768KB written
832KB written
896KB written
960KB written
0KB read
64KB read
128KB read
192KB read
256KB read
320KB read
384KB read
448KB read
512KB read
576KB read
640KB read
704KB read
768KB read
832KB read
896KB read
960KB read


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AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software
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