One can't use HALCoGen to set the SPI baudrate.  It always comes out to be VCLK1/40.  So in the case of both the RTIHU and the Launchpad, this ends up being 2Mhz.  It is reasonably easy to add code outside of that generated by HALCoGen, and I think there are fixes that we can make to HALCoGen in an XML file somewhere, although I have not tried it.

Note that this bug was reported to TI 10 years ago and the response was that the bug would be fixed with a patch soon.  Nope.  I currently have the latest  and greatest version (4.07.01) and it still has the problem.

Note also that the way the driver on both PacSat and Golf-TEE works, it only makes a little difference for relatively small transfers.  


Burns Fisher, WB1FJ
AMSAT(R) Engineering -- Flight Software