AMSAT-BB April 2020

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Repeater interference on AO-92
by Stephen DeVience
2 years

Upcoming ARISS contact for Northern Virginia Schools Group - Woodbridge, VA
by David Jordan
2 years

by Steve Kristoff
2 years

K4KDR featured on new Scott Manley Video
by Roy Dean
2 years

Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2020-04-27 16:00 UTC
2 years

FUNcube Warehouse Status
by David Johnson
2 years

LVB tracker and Sat32PC
by Chris Busch
2 years, 1 month

observer not centered sat 32
by James Brown
2 years, 1 month

by PY5LF
2 years, 1 month

Quetzal-1 deploy from ISS 28th Apr
by Masahiro Arai
2 years, 1 month
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