AMSAT-BB November 2013

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too many satellites
by Bob- W7LRD
9 years

sat equip sale
by Jeff KB2M
9 years

Fun juggling and water cooling a rotor!
by James Luhn
9 years

Listening to Funcube with RTL-SDR
by Jason Charles
9 years

AO-73 telemetry over Portugal 1st time
by Fabiano Moser
9 years

heard FUNcube-1/AO-73 from soggy patio tonight
9 years

Re: Too Many Sats?AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 8, Issue 416
by Clint Bradford
9 years

Funcube-1 - Ao-73
by Andre' v Deventer
9 years

PicoDragon CW heard again !
by Mineo Wakita
9 years

ISS and Funcube :-)
by Stefan Wagener
9 years
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